Meet the birds

We are all life long performers coming together to share our passion, have a good time and most importantly put a smile on your face!

Being part of the Bluebirds has been a great adventure for us gals! Here's a snippet of how we met...

Ami and Gina were dancers on a P&O cruise, sailing the seven seas and causing mischief as cabin buddies (like Jane and Marilyn). Back on dry land Gina auditioned for a UK tour with Sarah who quickly snapped her up as a doppelganger! Ami and Sarah were soon introduced by Gina and before long they were singing, dancing and laughing in sync...the perfect match for a close harmony trio! 




From the Northwest, Gina trained at Phil Winstons Theatre Works in her hometown of Blackpool. The party bird of the trio, Gina is guaranteed to be the first on the dance floor (and probably the last).



Bradford born Bluebird Sarah, trained in Cambridge at Body Work Dance Company. The summer bird who loves a holiday but won’t be found without her vintage sunnies!



From Chesterfield, Ami trained at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London.  The glamour bird of the trio loves a black and white Audrey Hepburn movie and is rarely seen without a scarlet lip.